How To Unmute Posts On Instagram?

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Ignoring someone on social media has become so much easier nowadays. But once when people are done ignoring they again come for attention, lol! Everybody is complicated these days. They want attention and their personal space both at the same time, and that too, according to their own convenience. 

On social media, i.e., Instagram, this ignoring and attention-seeking game is called "mute" and "unmute." When people are not interested in anyone but for some reason, they cannot block or unfriend them from their profile, they mute them so that none of their posts or stories appear on their feed. 

And when they want a peek again into their lives, they unmute them for entertainment,, and this goes on. So, if you were also annoyed by a person and you muted them but now want their updates on your feed, you can do that very easily. And if you do not know how to use Instagram, then this article is just for you. Keep reading for all the information. 

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Steps: How To Unmute Posts On Instagram

There are very simple and easy ways to unmute on Instagram. Both Android and iPhone users can do this very easily. Now, let us have a look at the steps that you need to follow. 

1. First of all, open the Instagram app and go to the person’s profile that you want to unmute. 

2. There will be an option named "following.” on that. 

3. Now a set of options will appear. Select the “mute” one. 

4. Now again, options will appear on the screen- Posts & Stories. 

5. Now the posts section will be in blue colorclick  as you muted them earlier. So, click on the blue button and it will be a greyish white.

6. That’s it! You have now unmuted the posts of the person that you wanted. 

Mutes On Instagram: Reasons For Doing So

1. Maybe they post a lot on Instagram and you don’t like posts from the same person. And you don’t want to block them for some reason, so you can mute them very easily. 

2. They post boring stuff and you find their posts unnecessary and irrelevant. They post things that no one talks about, and it just gets irritating. 

3. Maybe the person is a family member that you don’t want to interact with. So you just don’t like their posts and then troll them. 

4. They might be obsessed with themselves and just keep posting their photos all the time, and you don’t want to see them. 

5. You are not friends with them and are not at all interested in their lives and know about the stuff that they are going on with. So muting them is the best thing that you can do to cut them off and that too without knowing them.

6. They post things that are not positive, and there is so much negativity around, which might be affecting your life. They post negative, sad, and broken quotes,you don’t like. 

7. They always keep fighting with random people and posting about them, which spreads a lot of negativity around, which is not necessary for anyone to watch. So muting them is the best way to stay away from that. 

8. Maybe they have a business and they keep posting ads related to that, which might get annoying to you at some point. 

9. They post some sponsored posts as well, which you don’t like, so you can mute them for this reason as well.

10. You don’t find them interesting anymore, and you are just bored of them. So, in this case, muting them is the best option as you can avoid them very easily. 

FAQs: How To Unmute Posts On Instagram

Q: How Do I Unmute Stories On Instagram?

A: You just have to scroll through the Instagram stories section until you find the greyish circle around the person’s name. 

Q: Is It Possible That You Can See Muted You On Instagram?

A: No, there is no definitive way to know who muted you on Instagram. 

Q: How To Tell If Someone Has Hidden Their Story On Instagram?

A: There is no official way to know who has hidden their story from you, but you can notice that you are not able to see the stories that they post, or you have an alternate profile in which the story is visible but not on your other profile. So, this means that they have hidden their story from you. 

Final Words

We hope you liked this article and now know what question all to do when you want to unmute a particular person. Comment down if you want questions or if you have any doubt. Don’t hesitate! Thanks for reading. 

Please share it with your friends and family as well, so that they can also get instructions on this if they want. 

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