HD Scanner pro-scanner apps

HD Scanner pro-scanner apps

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Цена: БесплатноУстройства: iPhone
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Версия: 1.0 от 11 февраля 2020 Язык: Русский Размер: 32.8 Мб Возраст: 4+

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5.00 (1) AppStore: 5.00

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The Best Scanning App for the iPhone - Scanner Pro
#paperless Scanner pro review_ everything you need to know

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  • Falon prati Falon prati, 12 февраля 2020 в 18:03:44   # [Update] I dissed this app a couple yrs ago (yes I’m using it ~4 yrs now) but it’s superb now, deleting my dis. NEW: this app runs rings around Adobe’s app. Better quality scans, way better options eg default naming template. Happy camper.

    [Original] Thumbs up. This is a well constructed app, meaning no interface surprises and no gottchas. And it performs really well.

    The app does a great job of capturing just the paper (not the table or desk) and adjusting the perspective so that it appears rectangular. Best of all, it clears up shadows and uneven lighting to produce a clean black-and-white image. Much easier and more efficient to use than snapping a jpeg with the camera.

    Totally glad I have it!
  • Jabreya iacovielli Jabreya iacovielli, 12 февраля 2020 в 16:08:48   # Just now scanned a one-column paragraph from the newspaper with this app—it got most of the text correct, with a few minor exceptions and layout issues. Very impressed! Now my go-to OCR utility! Ответить
  • Mitsue kesten Mitsue kesten, 12 февраля 2020 в 14:18:42   # This is the best one I ever used. Thank you for making this app! Ill continue use. I’ve been used for many years. Thank you again! Ответить
  • Ismeal smyth Ismeal smyth, 12 февраля 2020 в 12:30:47   # Some of the apps on my phone get used once a month or two. Scanner Pro on the other hand, gets used several times a week. Couldn’t live without it! Ответить
  • Liv schwaiger Liv schwaiger, 12 февраля 2020 в 11:18:22   # This is one of those apps that you don’t realize you need it, until after you have it. No need to wait and scan papers at home or from the office, when you can scan and send immediately from the convenience of your phone. The app maintain the quality of the original texts/images and allows you to easily amend any prior scans by adding new pages or delete from the existing set. Ответить

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