UBS Mobile Banking

UBS Mobile Banking

Цена: БесплатноУстройства: iPhone, iPad
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Версия: 8.5.1 от 20 декабря 2012 Язык: Русский Размер: 58.4 Мб Возраст: 4+ Официальный сайт:

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4.56 (1) AppStore: 4.50

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UBS Mobile APP
On The Go With UBS Neo | Mobile Apps for IPad and IPhone

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  • Holocr0nster Holocr0nster, 23 июня 2018 в 01:29:19   # Can’t use application for new payments at all as it’s impossible to confirm new beneficiary: it asks for code from token marked with 4 stars from bank account which in my case is 1-2345-67, the request is in form 1-****45-67. I’ve tried both codes from 23 and 0023 none was accepted. Furthermore, entry of code is a real pain: each letter entry closes keyboard and navigates to the top of page so user have to scroll and click on the next character 8 times. Annoying. Ответить

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