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  • Ru010sh Ru010sh, 05 апреля 2018 в 21:31:43   # Hello, please fix an issue with white page between pages 1-2 on iPad version, text doesn’t get lost and you continue to read after a blank page, but it’s annoying Ответить
  • Mvvm Mvvm, 02 октября 2017 в 23:30:28   # “Totally manipulative website out to push false stock info.” - I have been on SA for over 5 years & can tell you its a scam site. The "moderators " as well as Editors write "news" articles daily to sway stocks their way. Most of the authors IMO are not only paid by SA, but no doubt are being paid from outside brokerage houses as well to try to sway the stocks in their favor either pro or con.

    The site allows any Joe Blow to be a member without any kind of bio or way to show they are a real person. So many new no bio trolls appear & throw out one liners to try to control the threads. They can have your post tossed at will. Also the moderators will ban you if you dont follow their thinking. SA no doubt has trolls patrolling articles that could have some members banned for not agreeing to their thinking. I have complained countless times about their site being totally biased. They could care less. The moderators are totally biased and definitely have their select authors.

    I was very vocal about the stock SDRL, & was constantly ridiculed by no bio trolls with the names of Million$man, Elvis Level, A Prudent Investor, Sallie DD, and even their prized "author" Stobe Fox Capital berating my posts. Actually Stone Fox Capital woukd write an article & then use an assortment of false alias names to respond to members on his article. He even slipped once & admitted that I was indeed actually talking to him through his made up alias. Then SFC started to hound me on all of my other stocks I follow & started to have ny posts pulled on those other stock articles.

    SA should be banned from operating as a business on the internet, but lax laws pertain to stock sites. DO yourself a favor and remember anytime you get "free advice" over the internet to take it with a grain of salt.

    SEEKING ALPHA is a totally biased stock website out to control stocks any way they can. Do your own due diligence & trust your gut feelings when buying or selling stocks. Nobody will look after your money interests better than you. The internet is stock full of scammers.

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