Filmm | Video Effects + Color

Filmm | Video Effects + Color

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Версия: 1.0 от 09 мая 2019 Язык: Русский Размер: 78.5 Мб Возраст: 4+ Официальный сайт:

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How to Color Grade Videos on iPhone like Professionals | Free LUTs | Film look on iPhone | July 2017

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  • Stmary1 Stmary1, 15 мая 2019 в 02:54:28   # Downloaded because I saw Zoe and Alfie’s ig posts and since I’m always in search of a good free video editing app I decided to have a look. It’s a very good one ngl and the subscription giving the unlimited access to every tool isn’t a new thing and I don’t mind that (tho the monthly price is quite a lot considering the app isn’t on the pro shelf) the free filters & adjustments are cool and the watermark isn’t ugly so i wouldn’t even want to remove it but the trim is very limited, the “split” option is much needed and I was sure it would have this but alas; and the saving is taking a tad too long. Other than that the app is good and would recommend for ig stories editing. Hope future updates will bring new features and the attention this app deserves. Ответить
  • Котэ230997 Котэ230997, 15 мая 2019 в 00:24:04   # Thank you for this beautiful app! Really easy to work with, play with filters and add so much as I want to add!
    Thank you and wish you good luck, guys!????????‍♂️????
  • Wensedy Wensedy, 15 мая 2019 в 00:05:54   # One of the best apps I’ve ever used :) It’s so easy, comfortable and useful at the same time! That’s wonderful! Ответить

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